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Macchine Pitti
PROFESSIONAL LINE Restaurant, Coffee shop and Office
TOTAL BLACK - Coffee machine
Elegance, reliability and high
performance: the finest tradition
of Italian espresso coffee.
PITTI P02 PLUS - Beans to cup Machine
A machine that can handle any drink
imaginable. Unlimited inspiration, from
Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte
and much more. The choice is yours.
PITTI P02 - Beans to cup Machine
With 2 coffee grinder to choose from, you
can brew your favorite coffee blend and
much more at the touch of the button.
PITTI P-ONE - Beans to Cup machine
Fully programmable, with an
interactive touch-screen that allows
for customizable coffee experience.
BARISTA - Beans to Cup machine
Great coffee can lead
to a great moment.
Ideal for small business.
PITTI VELOCE - Vending machine
Make your beverage unique by
adding the ingredients you love.
As simple as that.
RETAIL LINE Home and Studio
NEXT - Coffee Capsules Machine
A versatile machine offering both
personalization and convenience for a coffee
that meets your highest expectations.
Available colors:
NEXT PLUS - Coffee Capsules Machine
Enables you to indulge yourself with
top-quality Espresso, Cappuccino and
Latte Macchiato in the comfort of your home.
Available colors:
FREEDOM - Coffee Capsules Machine
Fitted with automatic milk frother that is very
simple to clean. The Freedom allows you to create
an endless number of Milk base drinks, “Americano,
Espresso and fresh Tea” at the touch of a button.
MISTER LATTE - Cordless milk frother
An invitation to discover a wide world of recipe
possibilities. Make anything from refreshing Ice
Coffee to elaborate latte art at home.
The coolest thing to
happen to Milk
PITTI MILK COOLER - 1 Lt. Capacity
Elegant and Compact, perfect to keep
the milk at the right temperature.
Ideal options for Freedom Capsule machine,
Petit Barista and Barista.
PITTI MILK COOLER - 2 Lt. Capacity
A perfect addition to Pitti Caffé “BARISTA and
PETIT BARISTA” Beans to Cup machine. Mains
powered, this compact milk chiller will maintain
fresh milk at optimum temperature all day long.
PITTI MILK COOLER - 4 Lt. Capacity
If you're making dozens of coffee beverages per day, having
to take the milk out of the fridge every time isn't practical.
The Pitti Countertop Milk Cooler is the ideal companion to
a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine in a busy
environment, with the add it luxury of a cup warmer.
PITTI MILK COOLER & Cup warmer - 4 Lt. Capacity
More than just a cooler. Chill & Cup is the
perfect duo, consisting of a 4 litre refrigerator
and a cup warmer up to 80 cups.
No limescale - Better performance
of your coffee machine.
Works on all types of coffee machines.
The ideal solution to eliminate scale, manufactured
to resolve problems related to descaling the boilers
in contemporary coffee machines.
Works on all types of coffee machines.
PITTI MASTER CLEAN (detergent for cappuccinatore)
Eliminates any residues and odor in the milk
frother, while maintaining its performance
unchanged over time.
BRITA AQUAGUSTO Water filter - 100 Lt./250 Lt.
Helps to extend the life of your brewer and
keep your beverages tasting their best.
PITTI CLEANING CAPSULES for coffee machine
The Pitti cleaning capsules are ideal to remove all the coffee
grease residue from the coffee brewer of your Pitti
Metropolitan series and Pitti Freedom capsules machine. Also
can be use in all Lavazza Espresso Point capsule machines.
PITTI CLEANING TABLETS for coffee machine
The Pitti cleaning tablets are ideal to remove all the
coffee grease residue from the coffee brewer of your
beans to cup Coffee Machine, while maintaining its
performance unchanged over time.