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arabica - “nespresso compatible”

Aromatic with fragrant after taste.

pure brazil - “nespresso compatible”

Full body with a note of honey

pure colombia - “nespresso compatible”

Clean taste, aromatic with a pronounced and complete aroma

pure india - “nespresso compatible”

Mild with an exotic full body taste

decaf - “nespresso compatible”

An high quality decaf Coffee, to relish every time you desire a real coffee without limits.

cremoso - “nespresso compatible”

Well rounded and flowery taste.

lungo - “nespresso compatible”

Rich, dark for a long lasting taste.

deciso - “nespresso compatible”

Well balanced flavor with a rich creamy taste.

vanilla coffee - “nespresso compatible”

A rich creamy taste with sweet undertones of a Vanilla flavour.

hazelnut coffee - “nespresso compatible”

Fruity with a note of chocolate combined with an amazing smoothness of hazelnut.

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